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Tired of having to go out to a bar to drink with your friends, bring the bar home, have AR Construction create one for you. Do you have a custom wood bar design in mind? then let AR Construction fabricate a custom bar for you, and let us do the bar design and bar fabrication it for you.

Our Custom designed and fabricated bars can be crafted in many material such as: cherry, mahogany, red or white oak, maple, ash, birch, walnut, bubinga, jatoba, purple heart, blood wood, spider wood and any other material in existence. Our custom wood bars can incorporate many features like: raised panels, fluted pillars and columns, glass and mirror, with matching sofits and ornamental and task lighting.

Finish your dream bar off with a top made of: wood, granite, tile, acrylic, stainless steel, copper and many available materials. Let you arms rest on comfortable chicago top rails and take a load off your feet with tubular foot rails and get ready to have your very own happy hour. Time to go buy the shot glasses, round up the bottles grab your friends. let your imagination run wild and let AR Constructions expertise in custom bar design and bar fabrication and soon you will have your very own custom bar and bring the good times home...